Learn from failure


How to learn from failure?

When starting a business, you have to be aware that failure is a real possible part of it, and you need to be prepared to learn from those mistakes, as if you are willing to do it, it will lead you quicker to reach your goals, and today we will show you how to learn from those mistakes.

“Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task, many of the business ideas fail, but it is not because they are bad ideas, but because just a few people is willing to persevere, there is nothing better than facing failure, learning from it and keep on going, that is how we succeed”, said Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

These are common ways of failure on business that can lead you to success if you overcome them:

  • Lack of contacts – When you start a new business, it is good to have a list of contacts that will help you impulse your ideas and projects, so many entrepreneurs fail on this step, in order to avoid it determine your potential contacts and be constant. A group of contacts can be the difference for a successful and growing business.
  • Searching for perfection – Some entrepreneurs invest all of their time and money trying to create the perfect product or service, leaving to budget for market, remember that you are the provider of a service or product, it is the final consumer that will tell you if your business is good and for that, you will need a good marketing plan.
  • Disorganization – No one can make everything at the same time, but if you are organized, you will be focused on putting most of your energy and time on those activities that will propel you where you want to be, remember that some of the most famous persons from any industry have been known because they decided to focus on one thing, fashion, marketing, sales, etc.

“If you want to succeed on businesses you will have to be willing to keep on learning from everything, that includes failure, it can lead you to stop your projects or to make you stronger, depending on how strong is your will to reach your goals”, added Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal about this topic.

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